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Biodegradable Pressed Cell Phone Case - Black

Biodegradable Pressed Cell Phone Case - Black

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💚The world's first organic material on a biodegradable frame.💚 Environmental protection has been at the heart of our business model from day one and it is right to offer you biodegradable phone cases that benefit the environment and the community. Let's TOGETHER create a zero-waste future for a better planet. 🤝 While this eco-friendly and biodegradable phone case offers your phone 100% protection and no threat to our environment, it also gives farmers the opportunity to sell flax straw instead of burning it. On the other hand, it completely reduces any possible footprint while providing a flexible and durable material to protect your precious phone. FAST FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING SATISFACTION GUARANTEE BUY 100% SAFE The world first Biodegradable frame with organic materials Choosing between a biodegradable phone case or a phone case made of organic material is no longer a problem. Made from organic material with a biodegradable frame, our phone case is a perfect combination for any eco-friendly supporter. The frame is made from 100% biodegradable materials and is fully compostable under the right conditions. The back is adorned with our handpicked organic materials with amazing and long-lasting flavors. All Natural Organic Material All of our organic natural materials are sustainably harvested and handpicked for the best quality. They are then coated with a non-toxic, sugar-based resin that provides the durability needed, keeping your phone perfectly secure in every way. MATERIAL ORIGIN: Alpine hay - SOUTH TYROL, AUSTRIA Lavender - FRANCE Skeleton leaves - SRI LANKA, FICUS ELASTICA Coffee - COFFEA ARABICA Jasmine - SPAIN Features 100% biodegradable, compostable frame ♻️ (under the right conditions) Made from flax wheat and PBAT bioplastic 🌾 (Made in SGS certified non-toxic production) 100% organic, hand-picked, sustainable materials Coated with advanced sugar-based resin Each case is unique and one-of-a-kind Attractive modern look and style Quick snap-on/snap-off case Ultra slim and lightweight Durable and drop tested Enclosed side buttons Provides great grip Wireless charging and Mag Safe compatible Made in Europe 🌍

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